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Andre Gelfi

Alternativa has a very important new supporter committed to the social issue, the Swedish company Betsson.

We interviewed the Managing Partner of the Betsson Group in Brazil, Andre Gelfi, to learn a little bit more about the company, and understand how it can help our institution.

In addition to being a sensitive human being, quick in his perceptions, and creative, Andre has over 15 years of experience in the international games industry. He joined Betsson in December 2019, with the acquisition of its proprietary venture, SUAPOSTA – the transaction was the first M&A in the Brazilian i-gaming segment. His core experience includes Leadership, Product Development, Management, and Institutional Affairs.

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Alternativa: Tell us a little bit about Betsson.
Andre Gelfi: Betsson is a digital betting company of Swedish origin, also known as i-gaming. It has a preponderant presence in Europe and Latin America, arriving in Brazil in 2019. Here, we have authorization from the Ministry of Economy to operate in horse racing tournaments, and, abroad, we have sports betting, poker, casino, and other activities related to the dynamics of betting with prizes in cash.

We are based in São Paulo and Porto Alegre, where we have an operations team, and we are excited about the imminent regulation of sports betting in the country, which was legalized in 2018.

At this moment, we are preparing to participate in this thriving market, which will grow over the next five years, and we are excited about the idea of ??working with something challenging and with great growth prospects.

Alternativa: How does Betsson see the third sector? And how does it act to help the less privileged?
Andre: Betsson emerged and evolved from a cultural reference, which is a parameter for all of us in terms of sustainability, with a conscious vision of how society works. If we can see that somewhere there is a shortage, our role is to identify which way we can act and help so that the impact is the most harmonic.

Betsson has this concept incorporated, as it is of Scandinavian origin where society has as a reference the “look at the whole”. Scandinavia has very rich countries in which inequality and social discrepancies as we know do not exist.

Participating and engaging in projects with social impact is part of the company. In Brazil, our first partnership was with Íbis Sports Club, from Pernambuco.  The sponsorship of the team had a very significant effect and was transformative, it changed the club's reality. The players, who were semi-amateurs and had no transport to go to work, today have a salary, food stamps, and health insurance. The results were so positive that the club moved up the division, driven by joy and motivation.

These actions are important to inspire so that people and organizations know that attitudes make a difference, and so that they have the awareness and courage to help in any way they can.

Alternativa: What do you and Betsson expect from Alternative this coming year?
Andre:We want to introduce sport and well-being into the routine of Alternativa members. We are honored to be able to help with this gesture, which is so aligned with our business. This mission is so noble, we want it to spread throughout Brazil. We are happy to do our part in promoting change.

At Betsson, we live from sport and we believe that with it we can contribute to the development of people and society as a whole. It is a point of convergence between the two sides.

Want to know more about Betsson and its initiatives around the world? Visit:

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